Explaining GODA and its Mint Pass

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The GODA Mint Pass allows holders of the NFT to be able to mint (in the future) works from “leading contemporary artists looking to explore digital” art. In other words, they’re an collective that will help educate, promote and curate artists from the traditional media world. These artists could be pop singers/songwriters, painters, sculptors, writers, and so on. They don’t (yet) specify who they will be, except for the first release, who is Nina Chanel Abney

GODA (Gallery Of Digital Assets) is a well executed, professional venture with a team of high profile creatives and leaders in the web3 and media industry. Along with Nina Chanel Abney, the team of 13 members includes Pharrell Williams, and j1mmy.eth. The entire team is fully doxxed, and can be found on their website.

Along with their team members, their site contains a basic FAQ at the moment, covering details on how to mint the GODA Mint Pass, how much it costs, and other answers. They also have links to subscribe to their official news letter, which they’ll use to inform subscribers of future drops and latest news.

Their official Twitter also has news and information, and feels very professional and corporate, much more similar to Bored Ape Yacht Club than startup NFT projects. In fact, they even have an instagram account, perhaps the first I’ve seen from a new NFT project, and I’m attributing that to the fact that they’re trying to reach a mainstream audience.

They also have a discord server, catering to typical NFT degens, and it’s also professionally done. It has a far less corporate feel, as channel names aren’t Capitalized, and they use typical NFT jargon such as “shills” for people that want to post about other projects.

Jumping into the contract briefly – looking at it from a developers perspective, it’s extremely standard and professional, with well formatted comments, but not necessarily groundbreaking or experimental. One novel method you’ll notice is that profits can be withdrawn to shareholder addresses, which probably correspond to the team.

Overall this is a very interesting start to a project and corporation in the NFT space. It might be the first of it’s kind. Time will tell how successful they are, but if they can drive traditional art buyers into the digital NFT space, more power to them.

GODA Mint Pass: 15/20pts Total
Art: N/A | Content (Website/posts): A |  Contract: B | Twitter: A | Discord: A

GODA Mint Pass Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/goda-mint-pass

GODA Website: https://thegoda.io/

GODA Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheGoda_io

GODA Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thegoda.io/