Meet the Goblintown Team

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In the footer of the official website, you’ll notice that there’s a graphic of the Team Members, which I’m including here for convenience:

goblintown meet the team

Goblintown is created by @Truth Labs All 11 team members have been Revealed and Doxxed


Tulorf | a blue nose and is typing on the keyboard.  Translated from the video, Tulorf coded the solidity contract for the project.  The other team members can’t do what he does.  Sometimes it seems like he just sits at the keyboard and goes ticky-tack with mouthbits, but it still works good.

Morb | – Wears glasses, has a nose-ring, and a dog.  Translated from the video, Morb is the project manager of the team.  Morb has a friendly and slobbery sidekick named “Grkmgg.” Morb makes Goblintown fun to visit for the whole family.

Blagga | – Pink nose, pink tank, teal wings.  Translated from the video, Blagga makes sure all the goblins are facing the right direction for pictures.  Blagga loves ham with cheese(!) She wonders why goblins have any gender…

Karrul | – Nice orange (redhead) beard dude! He takes care of the mythical animals. He likes to brew beer (and the team has gotten drunk a few times). He has a ‘big arctic mole’ which is a beard, and food (burger bits) gets stuck in it (lol).

Mergan | – Mergan has a big purple nose. Mergan throws curveballs, thinks the whole world is a big joke, and likes it that way. And their favorite drink is a latte coffee with mustard worms in it…lol


Aaarfa | – Aaarfa has facial hair and a plaid t-shirt. Aarfa is what that member says a lot. He talks a lot and then doesn’t remember what he first said. Once, he ate a tooth fairy by accident while he was sleeping, and then pooped out a nickel… rofl. They concluded the video by saying gobmorning (gm)!


Argargar | – Argargar is going bald and wears a gray tshirt. Argargar is a mighty spoogewhale hunter (maybe likes to fish?). He doesn’t like (not amused with) human philosophy. He makes computers go brrt, beep and boop (probably a programmer).

Blooki | – Blooki is bald, has a green nose and a brown hoodie! Blooki makes a lot of stupid things and also helps with a lot of other little (stupid) things. One time, Blooki got lost for 2 days in their own hoodie (lol). Blooki wants people to take things less seriously and to make good stuff.

Urzl | – Urzl is an axe bearing naked woman! Urzl makes a ton of poop jokes.
She thinks clothing is for the weak of heart and mind. Don’t be a smart-ass or she’ll whack you upside the head!

Snogg | – Snogg smokes (joints?) and has a hat! He’s the Goblin Burger Manager.
He speaks like a goblin better than the rest of the team, and he’s been heard in Twitter Spaces… he keeps it real! He doesn’t have time for basic bitches but he also thinks basic bitches are fishsticks…


Bagfasehed | – Bagfasehed has a bag on his head! He makes a lot of darwins (does stupid stuff.) He took your Mom to McGoblin’s this morning for breakfast! He wears a bag so he doesn’t have to look at your face (he’s not very logical.)

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