NFT Tools, Utilities, and Resources

If you have a favorite NFT resource you use and would like it listed here, please contact me @klabianco

Income Generating

  • ReNFT – – Lets you rent out your NFT for a certain number of days that you set. You can also set your price for daily rentals.
  • NFTX – – Lets you buy fractional parts of NFTs, sell them, or deposit your NFTs to earn yield on them.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Exchanges


  • Opensea – – This is the mainstream marketplace to buy and sell NFTs
  • Looks Rare – – Similar to OpenSea, but rewards you with $LOOKS tokens when you transact on the platform, and $LOOKS can be traded for $ETH on exchanges.
  • Genie – & Gem – – Marketplace aggregators that finds your items across many other marketplaces for the lowest prices.


  • Context – – Watch/follow wallets and find out what they’re buying/selling and minting.
  • Rarity Tools – – Lets you easily see the rankings of each NFT in a given project, with higher ranked NFTs generally costing more. Allows you to make better decisions on which NFT to buy if many are around the same price.
  • NFT Inspect – – Historical charts linking Twitter users to NFT projects, based on profile pictures. Has ranking info, profile flows, and top community members listed for each project.
  • Floor Price Charts by @punk9059 – – Allows you to see what NFT projects have performed well. Statistical price data is mapped over time with precise, insightful charts.
  • – & NFTGO – & Nansen AI – – Provides in depth market data analysis and tools.


  • Medici Minutes – – Has alpha on private events, interviews with high profile actors in the NFT space, and other industry related thoughts by Cozomo Medici.


  • Etherscan – – Lets you see raw transactions that happen on the Ethereum Blockchain, as well as read the smart contract code behind any NFT project.


  • JPEG.CASH – – Useful during tax season if you have to export all your NFT transactions. This also gives you a precise Profit and Loss table so you can quickly tell where you stand financially.
  • – – Aggregates all current and trending mints in one page, and lets you conveniently mint them all together. You can also filter to free mints only.
  • Rarity Ranks Extension – – Adds on a rarity ranking graphic over each NFT listed on OpenSea if they have data on it. This lets you quickly determine which NFT is better to buy, given a few choices in similar price ranges.
  • Check My NFT – – Lets you know the quality of your NFT by checking where the NFT’s metadata is stored. If it’s on Google, AWS, or another centralized service (this is bad), you’ll know with this tool.
  • Sunspot Alerts – – Finds mispriced NFTs just listed that you can buy for a great bargain.
  • 2.5. Dev – – Easily score your portfolio, to let you know your NFT collection’s value, if you have diamond or paper hands, and other insights.