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Boki NFT is a collection of 7,777 “dreamers” and “adventurers” with fantasy-style branding and a dreamy feel.

Reviewing their website, you can clearly tell that they’ve put in a lot of attention to detail.  Their theming, colors, text, and UX (user experience) is one of the best that I’ve come across so far.  It’s clearly separated into a few sections – the roadmap, team, and FAQ, and each section is also very well thought out.

The roadmap has a great UX – when you hover over it, a magnifying glass appears and you zoom in on the text you’re reading, which is a very nice visual graphic.

Their team is pseudo-doxxed, meaning that they list all their members and include their twitter handles.  Also, the team appears competent, as they say they have quite a lot of experience – and I would agree. The deliverables reflect this.

The FAQ section is comprehensive, but not verbose.  They answer all the important questions and do it consisely.

Checking out their contract, you can tell that their developers are also good because they’re using NFT best practices – implementing ERC721A (which reduces user paid gas) and also Chainlink tech to fetch truly random numbers – which was used during the mint.  Not many other projects have taken the extra step to do this.

On their twitter feed, they have a good mix of both holder retweets and team retweets – the team retweets expand upon the branding, with well written articles across different mediums and also providing utility through free art, such as Boki themed desktop backgrounds.  They’re also organized enough so that they’re only following their own team – which makes it very easy for twitter users to contact them if necessary.

Lastly, on a quick glance of their Discord, it follows suit, and is extremely well organized.

Overall, great job Boki Team.  Best of luck to you in the wild NFT world.


Boki NFT Grades:
ART:  A | Content (Website/posts): A |  Contract: A | Twitter: A | Discord: A

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