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Just Ape. is a collection of 10,000 NFTs on the solana block chain, and their branding is to focus on simplicity and basics.

Their artwork is similar to Doodles, and Boki NFT, with pastel background colors, smooth solid black outlines for the figures, and cute aesthetics for the apes themselves – they are distinguished from Bored Ape Yacht club.

Checking into their website, you can see that it’s laid out very straight forward as well, with branding that completely matches the NFTs that were minted for them. They only have two sections – the gallery, which lists all 10k NFTs, and their mission, which lists perks for owning the NFTs, including IRL events, merch, and the usual other benefits. Overall, their website isn’t impressive, but it’s solid.

Hopping over to twitter, their marketing and comms is doing a really outstanding job promoting the brand there, with a mix of IRL postings that show they’re doing live merch drops, along with promotions that include meeting the team, and allow-list spots. They also retweet well, not overdoing it, and focusing on high profile accounts that are talking about them, like Shaq who replied about their launch party.

Their discord is organized well, with themed channels and branding carrying over. However, I did jump into the jungle-talk channel, and was expecting to hear rainforest sounds, but instead was greeted by lofi music. I think their attention to detail could be improved a bit, not only here, but also over at OpenSea, where they currently are incorrectly linking to their website.

Overall a solid job from Just Ape, wishing you continued success!

Just Ape. Grades: 12pts Total
Art: B | Content (Website/posts): C |  Contract: N/A | Twitter: A | Discord: B

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