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ShitBeast NFT’s are claimable by anyone that owns an OG “ill poop it” PieceOfShit NFT, which was released on June 1. Along with the ShitBeast NFTs that you could claim, they also provided a claim for Shit Coins, which are tradable on Uniswap. As you can tell, their marketing is great.

Shitbeast, along with the I’ll Poop It NFT project is pretty bare-bones, as they don’t have much of a website at all and there’s no discord. They’re literally valuable only because of the free utility that they’re providing for degens, which is the free NFT drops and the coins themselves. They say that they’re providing all of these free nfts to grow their “shitty” community.

If you’re looking to benefit from the community drops (not financial advice), it’s probably a better value to buy the original “I’ll poop it” NFTs instead of these derivatives like ShitBeast, since you’ll get to claim future free drops with the I’ll poop it NFT.

Their art is interesting, but it’s clearly inspired by Goblintown in terms of the style itself, which features solid background colors, thick black outlines, and parodying the entire NFT space. Looking at the art properties, however, reveals something else: they didn’t take the time to run through a spell check.

The contract is pretty standard, but goes beyond the typical ERC721A contract because they’re also including ERC20 token ($SHIT) tokens, which is fairly novel, so they have that going for them. Only $APE coin has done this so far.

Overall, nice job, looking forward to see what happens when the next shitty NFT drop happens tomorrow.

ShitBeast NFT Grades:
Art:  B+ | Content (Website/posts): D |  Contract: B | Twitter: B | Discord: N/A

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