The Otherside Basics

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The Otherside is a MMORPG game that’s currently in development, owned by Yuga Labs and developed by Improbable. You will be able to use any of your owned NFTs to play in the game. They do not need to be Yuga Labs owned characters. They are targeting to allow over 10,000 simultaneous players on the servers via Improbable IO’s M2 technology.

The provided SDK will allow developers to make and sell things in the world, such as outfits, tools, structures, and minigames. The SDK will also let developers create tools to import other NFTs for use in the game.

Any item you want to buy or sell will be done in ApeCoin, which can be bought and sold at major crypto exchanges, or Uniswap.

The Otherside World is comprised of 200,000 Dynamic NFTs (currently named Otherdeeds), which players (called Voyagers) will play on. As such, the world of the Otherside will always be evolving as the land itself changes with Kodas and resources that can move.

There are 5 sediments that lands are built upon:

  • Biogenic Swamp (At the center of the Otherside)
  • Chemical Goo (On the outskirts of the swamp)
  • Rainbow Atmos
  • Cosmic Dream
  • Infinite Expanse

There are 4 materials to build on the world:

  • Anima (Research)
  • Ore (Metal)
  • Shard (Stone)
  • Root (Wood)

Deed Properties:

  • 74 types of artifacts
  • 74 types of resources
  • 29 types of environments
  • 8 types of categories

Kodas are NPCs (Non-player-characters) that exist on certain lands.

Koda Properties:

  • 10,000 total Kodas
  • 99 total Mega Kodas
  • 100 types of clothing
  • 100 types of core (body)
  • 100 types of eyes
  • 100 types of heads
  • 100 types of weapons