Top 10 Elon Twitter Predictions

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Today I’m predicting the top 10 things that Elon Musk will do with Twitter. The wildest ideas are at the end!

  1. Promote democracy – He’ll either ban fewer people or make the banning rules more transparent and strict… Once you break them, there are immediate consequences.
  2. Reduce the spam bots – he’s publicly already stated that he’ll “defeat the spam bots or die trying”
  3. Add an edit button – He’s also stated this will happen for sure.
  4. Make the algorithm more transparent – Not sure exactly what he envisions, but normal twitter users will have more control over what they see on their feeds.
  5. Longform tweets – in a reply to a  user’s complaint on twitter, he said he would enable long form tweets, so we don’t have to do anymore tweet storms.
  6. Better authentication – there’s already been talk about authenticated tiers, not just a blue check mark. Possibly, he’ll have levels for public figures, corporate brands, “normal” people, and bots that aren’t verified
  7. Verification/login with crypto wallets – We already know that Elon likes crypto, so it would make sense that he implements a way to login with your crypto wallet and not your email/phone number and password.
  8. Uses Dogecoin – Either he lets people tip in doge, or uses it for advertising payments, or asks people to pay in doge to tweet, it’s possible that he finds a way to get doge used on the platform.  Today there was already a huge spike.
  9. Tweet an NFT – each tweet you send out is an NFT, and they can be bought, sold, and traded.  Just like what Jack did a year ago for 2.9 million dollars.
  10. Turns twitter into the metaverse and takes down Zuckerberg – Elon decides that the future of humanity exists on twitter, and so he decides to declare war against Meta and provide a full fledged social network on Twitter, Horizon Worlds style.  People realize how much better it is than Meta and Meta slowly bleeds to death. 


Whatever happens, we’re all here for the ride and all hope for a better platform in twitter.  Good luck, Elon.