Trippin’ Ape Tribe Website Review

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Trippin’ Ape Tribe is the newest kid on the block today, with a floor of 60 Solana or about 1.5eth (or $3000), it’s got my attention  because it’s number one at OpenSea today, and just minted and sold out quickly.  Right now, I’m going to go check out their website.

Before I get into the content of the site, I want to note that I looked at the source, and it’s pretty professionally done with modern React/Typescript and Next frameworks in place, and in their discord, I noticed something interesting: the most popular languages from their discord users are Chinese and Russian.

Back to the site:  it’s graphics and style to me stand out as being very professional, which match the coding under the hood.  It’s a simple one-pager, but effective.

First off, their main tag line is that this is a Tribe, not a cult, and that could be making fun of the other large NFT projects in the space, since they sometimes feel pretty cult’ish.  Their intro paragraph gives a bit of background and introduces the degen behind the project, Chorles, and again hammer the point that they are not a cult, just a community-first project.

The next section of the website explains a bit of the backstory, which actually is based on some confirmed reality of the failed Fyre Festival, which they explain took place on their island and screwed things up for them.  However, one of the festival goers stayed behind — this is Chorles — and he was able to help the native people on the island ascend to another existence of self-realization.  Seems like some, deep, trippy stuff.

Anyhow, they conclude that he will show them the path to enlightenment, and can do the same for you, and that’s why you should get an NFT from them and join the cult — i mean, tribe.

Continuing on, the next section of their site has 2 prominent graphics – the first of the failed Fyre Festival, and the second, a scene of them taking drugs administered by Chorles.

Next up is a three-step-philosophy, basically the NFT is built for the community, that they welcome new members openly and embrace their new ideas, and that they are committed to bringing utilities to the project to increase value, and say to “Trust the process.” — this is something I’ve seen before in other NFT projects.

Below that lies a 2 pager graphic of the story of Chorles’ journey in his first trip and what mother nature told him was his purpose and meaning – to start this NFT project by trusting the process, ascending as one with others, and spreading the word about the project.

The site wraps up with a list of the team members and a FAQ section answering the standard questions.

Overall the project appears to be similar to a lot of other projects in the space, and doesn’t necessarily introduce any new or groundbreaking technology to the space, just a new idea and story.  It’ll be fascinating to see where the project goes from here.

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