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We Are All Going To Die is a Dark Fantasy Style project that consists of 6,666 NFTs, of which 222 are taken by the team of two people (aka Soul 1 and Soul 2).

This is a satire of the WAGMI movement in crypto (we are all going to make it) because they’re saying that the only certain thing is death, and therefore, we are all going to die.

Their art is pixelated, but not in the style of crypto-punks, which has 24×24 pixels – WAGDIE has many more, looks to be about 128×128, or 16bit, which is reminiscent of the old Super Nintendo and Sega Graphics – in fact, this NFT project reminds me of Final Fantasy in some ways.

They don’t have any website, which meant that if you were lucky enough to mint it, you had to go straight to the contract. Speaking of, the contract is pretty basic, but it is using ERC721A, which is a good sign that they are keeping up with current NFT standards.

But where the project really shines and stands apart is in the Twitter content and story telling aspect they’re doing there. Not only are they building a solid storyline and narrative, with extremely consistent and well themed branding (including a unique font), but they’ve also hosted Twitter spaces, and are posting WAGDIE related videos — not just retweeting follower posts.

They even went so far as to buy a Mutant Ape for the project, and then created a video where they burn it, implying that even BAYC will eventually die, and they’re not wrong.

If you’re into goth, fantasy, RPGs, or just a fan of doing things for the culture, this project is for you. Not sure if they’ll ever have an official website or discord, but I’m also not sure if they will ever need one, since they seem to be doing just fine so far.

We Are All Going To Die NFT Grades:
Art: B | Content (Website/posts): N/A |  Contract: C | Twitter: A | Discord: N/A

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