What Makes Doodles Great

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Doodles is a collection released on October 17, 2021 and is created by Scott Martin (who is the artist), @evankeast (who is in the CEO role), and Jordan Castro (the blockchain engineer).  Doodles is one of the best known and well loved mainstream NFTs in the space, along side of the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

I can remember hearing about them early on in my NFT days as one of the blue chip projects that you should definitely hold, and I’m super happy to say that that’s still true today.

Doodles includes over 265 unique traits, and 62 1/1 nfts, making it have one of the most diverse trait combinations of the mainstream NFT projects.

Looking at the art, each Doodles NFT has a happy and cute vibe going on, with pastel colors, curvy lines, and simple backgrounds, that don’t distract from the Doodle itself.

But the property that makes the Doodles really stand out and be unique is the face and eyes, with one eye on the doodle, and one eye floating in space.  The “face” property has many different traits (happy, default, sunglasses, grumpy, surprised, designer glasses, in love, and content, among others), and each are very creative.

Moving on to the website itself, it’s extremely well laid out, clean, and cheerful, which completely matches the feel of the NFTs themselves.  One of the first things that stands out is that they properly link to documentation that’s really thorough, and has everything you want to know about the project, including how they are trying to be fair, all the traits and combos that exist, links to contracts, and so on.

The header also includes links to buy a doodle, social media, and the Doodle Bank, which is a forum that allows Doodle Holders to give feedback and request things from the community.

Speaking of the community, the Doodles also operate like a DAO, which gives members power to vote on “community-driven features, products and events” – this NFT project truly operates similarly to a traditional non-profit organization that wants to give back to the community that believes in them.

Moving on to their twitter, it’s clear and informative without tweeting too much.  They post relevant news and information, and retweet cool tweets related to their project.  It’s a great mix of information and eye-pleasing art.

They are also constantly providing utilities and events to the community.  For example, they’ve dropped Space Doodles for the community.  Just yesterday they announced Doodles 2 along with a video and partnership with Pharrell Williams, which is pretty exciting and awesome, as he will bring in a lot of the entertainment industry to this project also.  He’ll be producing Doodle Records Volume 1.  With all of the utility this project has been providing its holders, It’s easy to think that Doodles might be as big, if not bigger than the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

If you haven’t checked out Doodles, I’d strongly encourage you to do so, they are simply great.

Doodles Website: https://doodles.app/
Doodles Twitter: https://twitter.com/doodles