Why Goblintown Is So Successful…

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Goblintown has been pumping really hard in the last week, going from 1eth all the way up to 9eth today, and is now comfortably sitting at 7eth, or about $14,000.

In the last few weeks, Goblintown’s message and branding hasn’t missed a beat. They have done innovative and extremely funny hours-long Twitter spaces that saw NFT degens talking in “goblinspeak” to the team, and the team replying hilariously and extremely immaturely.  This is par for the course here… Goblintown is a parody and it should be taken with a grain of salt, which is exactly their point.

Regardless, the NFT space loves it so much because of it’s punk counterculture, that they’re buying it up like there’s no tomorrow.

In addition to the crazy twitter spaces, this week they’ve been recently parody “doxxing” their team members by saying who they are with nicknames and random facts, that really doesn’t reveal too much,  but since it’s so on brand, they can do it and people love it.

For example, today they revealed Morb, who “be mek stuf all hapen at same tim!”

The NFT community is also building tools around Goblintown to do things like writing text like a goblin would.  At https://goblin-speak.vercel.app/ you can check it out.

I’ve also heard there’s going to be a free drop to goblin holders this Friday, and rumors that Goblintown will be doing something interesting at NFT NYC coming up later in June.

The only question left is — is Goblintown the next Bored Ape Yacht Club?  What do you think?

Goblintown @ OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/goblintownwtf

Goblintown Twitter Spaces: https://twitter.com/ExemplaryEddy/status/1529678486280892417

Goblintown Morb Team Reveal: https://twitter.com/goblintownwtf/status/1532104770688794624

Goblin Translator: https://goblin-speak.vercel.app/