WTF Is Goblintown?

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Goblintown WTF is a 100% meme based NFT project with “no roadmap, no discord, and no utility,” and they are telling the truth.  They are quite simply a team of artists and developers that put together this project in what seems to be an experiment that they never thought would get so big.  How big?  Currently, 2 days after minting, their floor is at 0.589eth or $1150 and they’ve done over 4k eth in volume and are sitting atop Opensea today.

Taking a look at their very well themed website, their heavy graphics answer some of the most frequently asked questions with goblin style answers like “no mint” and “nobody knows who made this project” and no roadmaps.

I did look thoroughly at the source code for the website, and everything there checks out as custom made, with little automated help to get things going – and it matches the custom made graphics as well.  I also checked out the contract for Goblin Town, and noticed that that was also pretty custom made.

Hopping over to web2 land, on twitter, InspectNFT posted a thread talking about where the users came from, and concluded that a majority of people came from blue chip projects, just looking for the next hot opportunity to flip.  Inspect also picked up on the great theming and marketing of the project.

They cited a tweet by an Ape holder,@phaaz, who thinks that this project might belong to yuga for a few reason. However, based on everything I’ve seen, it’s not affiliated at all with Yuga.  This includes the fact that the domain name was bought through NameCheap, and hosted on a random webhosting company.

Overall, these lucky artists and developers struck digital gold with this Goblin Town WTF project – let’s see how long it lasts before the momentum starts to reverse.


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